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West End Turtles!

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West End Turtles!

Stop the press! New paper by Director Chris Cathrine and Ecologist Tony Monir about turtles at Glasgow Botanic Gardens. It first came to Chris’s attention on 19th January 2022 that there were several terrapins (a polyphyletic group of freshwater turtles belonging to Order Testudines) present in a greenhouse to the north of The Main Range at GBG. These terrapins seem not to have been recorded previously, although this is likely to be due to the fact the greenhouse in which they are located is not accessible to the general public. It was evident that at least three types were present!

Of the three types found, there were two subspecies of Trachemys scripta and a new species for Scotland - Mauremys reevesii

Read more here in the Glasgow Natural History online publication


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