Tony Monir

Tony Monir brings a lifetime of fieldcraft to the Caledonian Conservation Ltd team. He is a recognised expert in reptiles in Scotland - particularly adders - and has nearly 30 years of expertise with birds (including Schedule 1 species) and protected mammals. Tony has worked for a range of businesses and charities, as well as having run ecology and practical conservation groups for people with autism. Most recently, before joining the Caledonian Conservation Ltd team, Tony completed an academic study on beavers in Tayside. He has experience of a wide range of projects across Scotland and the British Isles including development related to wind farms, major road, rail and power infrastructure projects, and housing developments at all project stages, as well as conservation management and habitat restoration. Survey work has included Peat Depth Surveys on various sites throughout Scotland, Breeding Bird and Vantage Point surveys, targeted species surveys, invasive species surveys, and conservation research. Tony is an active member of Central Scotland Raptor Study Group, and Central Scotland Amphibian and Reptile Group. Tony holds a current Outdoor First Aid certificate (+F) certificate, Rescue 3 Swiftwater Rescue certificate, BORDA standard off road driving qualification, and a CSCS card. « Back