We offer a wide range of training courses and continuing professional development in ecology and outdoor education topics. We run regular public training courses, but can also provide bespoke training to meet your needs.

For upcoming training courses, please see our Events page.

Palmate newt male CC Sq

Species-specific courses

We can arrange training in any species groups, but our particular specialities include invertebrates (including spiders, harvestmen and beetles), amphibians (including great crested newts), reptiles, birds, bryophytes and trees. We can provide courses for absolute beginners, or more in-depth training on specific aspects such as sampling methods (e.g. bug-vac or moth trapping), use of microscopes and keys, and surveying for particular purposes (e.g. great-crested newt training for developers). Courses can also be adapted for leisure interests e.g. we can run beginner courses on moth trapping or camera trapping for groups or the public.

Erik surveying pond

Wildlife and habitat surveys

We can provide training in a wide range of different wildlife and habitat survey techniques, such as breeding bird surveys, vantage point surveys, protected mammal surveys, reptile and amphibian surveys (including great crested newts), invertebrate survey techniques (freshwater and aquatic), phase one, NVC (National Vegetation Classification) surveys and bryophyte surveys.

Chris looking under felt

Ecological consultancy

We can provide training, or one-to-one advice and support, on all aspects of ecological consultancy. For example, we can provide training in collision risk modelling and Ecological Clerk of Works (ECoW), and have regularly been asked to help other consultancies branching out into new areas of work.

Teddy bears picnic

Environmental education

We can provide training in a wide range of environmental education topics and activities. This can include teaching people how to safely run wildlife activities (e.g. pond dipping or minibeast hunts), bushcraft, environmental art and conservation activities. We also have a specific course on mental health awareness for outdoor practitioners.