Stuart Spray
Associate Ecologist

Stuart Spray has worked in the field of conservation for over 20 years and as an ecologist for both Non-Government and Government Organisations including Forestry Commission Scotland (FCS), Scottish Natural Heritage (SNH), Solway Heritage, The Wildfowl & Wetlands Trust (WWT) and The Scottish Wildlife Trust (SWT). 

Although Stuart is an all-round ecologist with experience of surveying and monitoring a wide variety of protected species including other mammals, raptors, amphibians, reptiles, upland birds, waterfowl and seabird, he specialises in bat conservation biology. 

As a licensed bat worker, certified IPAF mobile platform operator, certified NTPC tree climber and Irata Level 1 Rope Technician, Stuart is the only bat worker in Scotland qualified to carry out endoscopic inspections of potential bat roosts in virtually any difficult access situation, including trees, bridges, buildings and other high structures. He also has many years' experience conducting bat activity surveys in a wide variety of situations, ranging from potential wind farms to housing developments, and from woodland management schemes to railway/road maintenance. 

He is a member of the D&G Raptor Study Group, South Lancashire Bat Group and a founder member of the Dumfries and Galloway Bat Group. He also sits on various committees including the Environment Resource Centre Steering Group, the Bat Conservation Trust Review Steering Committee and the D&G Nightjar Working Group. 

As an experienced trainer, Stuart has provided training on a variety of protected species, including bat, badger, red squirrel, water vole, otter and raptors, for organisations such as SNH, Dumfries and Galloway Council, The Mammal Society, Forestry Commission Scotland and The National Trust For Scotland. Stuart is also licensed to train new bat workers. 

In July 2005 Stuart gained a MSc pass with distinction in Wildlife Biology and Conservation from Napier University, Edinburgh. 

Stuart has coordinated a wide variety of environmental survey, mitigation, training and research projects both in the UK and abroad

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