David Devonport
Associate Ornithologist

David has been a keen ornithologist since the 1960s, originally around Teesmouth and Norfolk. After moving to the Scottish Highlands in the 1990s, David became a full time professional ornithologist, and was the British Trust for Ornithology (BTO) representative for Sutherland for over three years. He has completed work for a variety of conservation projects for the RSPB as well as surveys for proposed developments, such as wind farms. The last few years David has been working on breeding Hen Harriers on various sites, including one where the chicks were radio tagged with the help of Roy Dennis.

David is also a keen bird photographer, focusing on Scottish species but also undertaking work throughout the UK and elsewhere in the world. Some examples of David's photography can be seen throughout this site. Selected photographs have been included in the December 2015 edition of Caithness Bird Atlas and, most proudly, the cover photograph.

David brings an exceptional wealth of knowledge to any ornithology project, gained over many years of experience.

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