Angus Murray
Associate Ornithologist

Angus has over 30 years of ornithological experience, has been running Birdline Scotland since its inception in 1990, and was a member of the Scottish Bird Records Committee until recently.  

Angus has over thirteen years' experience carrying out bird surveys including breeding bird surveys, flight activity surveys, Schedule 1 raptor surveys, nightjar surveys and black grouse lek monitoring. 

More recently, Angus has provided Ecological Clerk of Works (ECoW) services for wind farm construction, including breeding bird nest checks, protected mammal surveys, implementation of exclusion zones and mitigation and communicating these to construction contractors. 

He is a regular contributor of ornithological information to most local bird reports in Scotland and, in addition, has submitted many full descriptions of rare birds to the British Birds Rarities Committee that have been published in the annual rarities report in British Birds magazine. He also regularly provides articles for various national birdwatching publications including the Scottish Ornithologists' Club magazine, amongst others.

Angus brings detailed local knowledge of Scotland, having been involved in many wind farm projects, as well as the knowledge gained through his role with Birdline Scotland. As one of Scotland's best known bird watchers, he has developed excellent contacts in many organisations throughout the country, . 

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